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Our Story

Sterino Farms is a family-owned farm that was founded in 1923 by Michael Sterino, who hailed from Naples, Italy. Michael immigrated to the United States and settled in the fertile Puyallup Valley located in the Pacific Northwest, where he spent the next 25 years growing raspberries, blackberries, and pie cherries. Over time, he built up his farm and became a prominent figure in the local farming community.


Michael Sterino returned to Italy after the passing of his wife, leaving the farm to his youngest son Louie. Louie grew raspberries and pole beans until 1959 the construction of the I-5 freeway threatened to cut the farm in half. Louie made the difficult decision to sell part of the farm to the state, allowing for the construction of the freeway to continue.


After the sale of the land, Louie continued to operate the remaining portion of the farm, focusing on growing crops such as berries, vegetables, and fruit. In the early 1960’s, Louie's son, Jack Sterino, joined the family business after his time in the military, and together they expanded the farm's operations. They opened a produce market in Fife, Washington. The market gained popularity among locals and tourists for its high-quality, fresh produce and friendly service.


In 2006, after 28 years in Fife, Jack decided to move the market to a larger location after purchasing farmland in Puyallup, Washington. He worked tirelessly to grow the farm and provide the freshest produce delivered daily to major grocery chains and independent markets spanning from Canada, down the West Coast and as far as the East Coast! Even as Jack got older, he continued to work the farm, finishing each crop on his tractor and earning him the title “The Finisher”.  He continued to work alongside his son Jake until his passing in 2017.


Under Jake Sterino's leadership, Sterino Farms has continued to diversify and expand its offerings. In 2018, we added greenhouses to our operations, and we introduced Jake's Burgers, a food truck located next to our produce market, in 2021. Our commitment to providing our customers with the freshest and most delectable produce possible while supporting other local farmers and businesses remains unwavering. Sterino Farms has become a beloved institution in the Pacific Northwest due to our rich history and dedication to quality, and we are a staple of the local community to this day.

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